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The intelligent answer to all solar systems

Our solar water heaters are custom manufactured in South Africa to suit each application, and are a unique combination of flat plate and evacuated tube technologies in one system.
Water, under pressure from the geyser flows through the tubes containing the flat plate collectors and obviates the transfer of heat through other mediums, thus enhancing the unit’s efficiency. The unit has a neat appearance without unsightly tanks on the roof.  

Thermosyphon/pumped system
This system will require an electrical booster (geyser element) to bring the water temperature to acceptable levels when inclement weather has prevented the system from heating the water to the desired temperature. By managing water usage correctly, the electrical heating element can be operational for very short periods of time.

Combination of Solar and Gas
With this system you can switch off the electricity to your geyser permanently. The system combines solar and gas to ensure hot water at all times, irrespective of weather conditions.

The geyser, which has been heated by the solar collector and is not yet at the required pre-set temperature will ignite the gas geyser and give instant hot water. 

Ignition of the geyser is hydro driven so there is no pilot flame required.

The advantage of this system is that there is
no electricity required for hot water at all,
and the gas usage is typically approximately 17kg of gas per year
for a 4-person family. An additional benefit is that the gas geyser, if required, will only heat the water that you use, whether it be one liter or two hundred liters. There is consequently no necessity to have a large volume of water heated electrically resulting in huge savings.

Our systems are neat and, especially in the case of solar only, virtually maintenance free. 

The price of our units allow you to
amortize the cost out of your savings
in months rather than years

Compatible with all geysers
Neat appearance
(no unsightly tanks)
Free quotation
Free advice on hot water management
System monitors and loggers available
All materials are SABS approved
Workmanship guaranteed
Committed to non inflationary business
Finance available